About Us

About Us

We are dedicated to alleviating poverty in developing countries by supporting credit unions, their representative bodies and other co-operative type organisations as a means for socio-economic development through the provision of financial and technical assistance.

The ILCU Foundation aim to expand access to financial services through the development of the credit union model.

Our History

In the 1960’s, the Irish credit union movement expanded rapidly throughout the island and during this time credit unions played an important role within their communities to provide savings and loans facilities for people who needed financial services. The need for credit unions in Ireland was evident and they greatly improved the standards of living and contributed to the development of the local economy. The movement gained further success as it matured and credit unions had gathered a great deal of knowledge that they wanted to share with other emerging movements. Irish credit unions joined forces in 1980 and pooled their resources together to establish the Irish League of Credit Unions International Development Foundation Ltd. (ILCU Foundation) which would allow them provide support for fledgling movements. In 1989, the ILCU Foundation was formally registered and received its charitable status.

In 2015, the ILCU Foundation celebrated its 25th anniversary by hosting a weeklong International Partners Conference (IPC) and an inaugural Learning & Sharing Forum. To mark the silver anniversary, over one hundred delegates from across the island of Ireland descended to Johnstown House, Enfield, Co. Meath to take part in the Forum.

Strategic Plan - 2013 - 2018

Our Strategic Plan 2013-2018 sets out our strategy for the coming five years, our theory of change under the social change model framework and our organisational structure. The following is an overview of the plan:

The plan prioritises long term partnership which builds competent local partners and local expertise without over reliance on Irish or western technical assistance.

Our Strategic Plan 2013-2018 has identified six core strategic areas of work which we will focus on over the coming years.

The six strategic objectives are in line with our vision, mission and values, they are as follows:

  1. Provide financial and technical support to our existing local partners.
  2. Protect our Credit Union donation base.
  3. Develop our external funding model.
  4. Facilitate growth and expansion of new credit union movements.
  5. Enhance and expand our technical assistance delivery model.
  6. Leverage our knowledge and results.

Over the lifespan of our Strategic Plan we will strive to implement and introduce various activities and actions that are necessary to deliver on the strategic objectives and attain our mission through sharing the success of the Irish credit union movement.

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"I would like to extend my deepest thanks and gratitude to my fellow coaches and all the team at ILCUF and NACCUG for helping to make the trip as successful as it was.The “New Gambia” has a very promising future and I am forever thankful for having been given the opportunity to experience it once again."
Sabrina Peyton
CIE Connolly Credit Union
"I believe that the Coaching programme as well as a vital tool for connections with NACCUG should and could be used a promotional tool for the work ILCU foundation does in helping credit unions in developing countries and that a whole raft of promotional posts and comments for social media should be ready prior to the coaches going."
Pat Morrissey
Synergy Credit Union