Why should you support our cause?

Why should you support our cause?

We have worked in Africa and other low income countries for over 25 years and the extent in which poor people are excluded from formal financial systems is profound. These categories of people are, in most cases, the ones who desire access to financial services the most; to allow them the opportunity to borrow, e.g. for school fees and to save, or to access funds in cases of crop failure.

These disadvantaged groups, largely placed in rural communities, are restricted from accessing financial services due to the geographical distance to the nearest financial services provider; the lack of money to use a ‘formal’ account; and insufficient documentation required to establish an account.

We’re removing physical, bureaucratic, and financial barriers to expand financial inclusion to rural communities through the medium of credit union. We’ve have over 25 years of experience and expertise in credit union development, utilising Irish credit union leaders’ knowledge from across the island. Using this expert knowledge we’re providing training to credit unions’ and educating their members’ to develop sustainable structures and to promote the credit union ethos to ensure that these ‘access barriers’ are removed.

If we do not obtain support it is likely that the many fledgling credit unions’ that we support will ultimately fail, it will remove financial inclusion from the member, and it will discard people’s empowerment from the democratic control of the credit union.

We rely on our generous supporters who provide us with critical financial donations to allow us to bring hope to many families and communities throughout the world. If you would like to support us please visit the ‘How You Can Help’ section of our website.